Financial Issues

Solace Health operates differently than other doctor’s offices you may have experienced

We do not accept any insurance and, for the most part, do not charge on a fee-for-service basis. Instead, we operate on a simple retainer. Think of Solace Health as you would a health club membership. There is a flat fee to be a patient, but in return we provide you with health care services that go above and beyond what would normally be covered under most insurance plans, including phone and email visits, patient portal access, extended visits, and yearly physicals.


How much does it cost?

The retainer cost varies upon your circumstances. If you are 26 years old or older, our standard retainer is $100 a month or $300 a quarter. If you are younger than 26, we offer a discounted retainer of $67 a month or $200 a quarter. If you are being prescribed Suboxone (buprenorphine) for opiate replacement therapy, our retainer is $150 a month or $450 a quarter regardless of age. The retainer cost is not covered by any insurance plan and is an out-of-pocket expense.


Can I use my insurance?

Yes and no. The retainer cost is not covered by insurance and is an out of pocket expense. Medications, diagnostic tests, imaging studies, and specialist referrals ordered by Dr. Shilland may be billed directly to your insurance plan as normal and are subject to coverage, cost sharing and deductibles as laid out in your plan agreement. Patients with private insurance (not Medicare or Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan) may be reimbursed by their insurance company for covered services provided by Solace Health if their plan includes out-of-network benefits. Patients covered under Medicare plans are responsible for the 20% co-pay amounts required by the Federal government.


Does this count as insurance for the Afforable Care Act (Obamacare) tax requirement?

No. Being a patient at Solace Health is not an insurance product and should not be considered a replacement for one. There are limitations on what services we can provide in the office setting, and we highly recommend having health insurance to cover unforeseen events such as major accidents, hospitalizations, surgeries, and expensive medical tests.


How can I pay?

We accept payments via cash, check, electronic bank transfer and all major credit/debit cards. Retainer payments are generally collected quarterly (every three months) in advance of service. We are willing to adjust this policy to allow for billing on a monthly cycle, as long you agree to automated deductions from a credit card or bank account. If you need to leave the practice at any point, retainer paid for unused months is fully refundable.


What is not covered by the retainer?

There are a few services that you might expect to receive at a doctor’s office that the retainer does not cover. Examples include immunizations, osteopathic manipulation and special medical equipment or devices such as braces, orthotics, and IUDs. Immunizations can usually be obtained elsewhere and billed directly to your insurance. Medical devices can usually be pre-ordered through your insurance or billed separately to you at cost.


Is this right for me?

Solace Health is well suited to a number of situations. Patients who desire a more meaningful connection and personalized relationship with their doctor, patients who have need of ongoing medical care and have high deductible insurance plans or no coverage, or patients who are just tired of being shunned or treated like a number by the traditional health care system will all benefit from Solace Health. The best way to find out if Solace Health is right for you is to come in for an initial visit, for which there is no cost or obligation. You can meet with Dr. Shilland, tour the office, and discuss your situation in depth to see if we are a good fit for your medical needs. We understand that this is a new way of approaching health care and would be happy to answer all of your questions concerning your particular financial situation during your initial visit.