Welcome To Solace Health

A different kind of doctor's office


Solace Health, the office of Dr. Eric Shilland DO, is a full spectrum family medicine practice located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, OR. With an emphasis on providing highly personal, quality healthcare in a friendly and accessible setting we operate as a retainer-based concierge practice. By limiting the number of patients in the practice, we focus on developing a strong and lasting patient-physician relationship and are able to provide you with extended visits, guaranteed same day appointments for urgent matters, 24 hour phone accessibility, and personalized attention. Our standard one-hour appointments allow for a relaxed, unhurried face-to-face interaction with your doctor and ensure that you will be seen on time, without having to waste your day in a waiting room. In addition to retainer-based primary care, Dr Shilland provides osteopathic manipulative treatments (OMT) on a fee-for-service basis.